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ECO-FOUNDATION NEPAL is a non-profit making nongovernmental organization established in 2020 registered under the Non-Profit company act in company registration in Kathmandu Nepal also affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. ECO-FOUNDATION Nepal’s headquarter is in Kathmandu Nepal. It is working with national stakeholders and international organizations for generating mass awareness, capacity building and advocacy for disaster risk reduction, environment protection for upcoing generation, climate change, education for poor and natural resources conservation with right based approach to the community people as well as policy makers, development workers and civil society.

Eco-Foundation Nepal is an NGO (Non-Profit Organization) which has established in 2020 in Kathmandu, Nepal. With an aim to create a healthy and sustainable environment that comedies eco- friendly practices for the well-being of local communities in Nepal. To keep clean surrounding environment also bring the happiness to people of rural area, orphan, elderly, dominated women form the community. We believe that individual health and happiness is profoundly connected with the natural environment. By taking steps to live sustainably, it is possible to ensure a healthy earth while leading enriching lives..

  • We believe that individual health and happiness is profoundly connected with the natural environment.
  • By taking steps to live sustainably, it is possible to ensure a healthy earth while leading enriching lives.


Eco Foundation Nepal is collecting the thermocol from Garbage .Thermocol is a high-energy, plastic product; thermocol waste is only collected and recycled in Nepal by a  Eco foundation Nepal. The Therminator is a machine that converts thermocol into a form which can be easily transported, thus promoting its collection and recycling. Thermocol, technically known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), is a high-volume low-weight substance, used in packaging material and in construction as rigid foam with high thermal insulation capacity and high impact resistance. Most importantly, it is a form of plastic, is 100% recyclable, and can be reprocessed into other plastic products. Our mission is to clean environment and make beneficial of person working in waste collection field. We will pay directly to the labor with smile.


Eco Foundation Nepal goal is to create and implement eco-friendly programs designed to promote and encourage sustainable community development in order to influence and nurture a fundamental kinship with the environment in their local community and throughout Nepal as a whole. Our continued worked in environmental and eco activities are critically dependent on share holder sponsor and benefactor support and donations. If you would like to help us in our efforts in maintaining a clean, natural and biodiversity ecology within Nepal please support us with a small, or large, donation. We will be highly appreciate contribution.


The objectives of Eco-Foundation Nepal are focused on environmental education, awareness, communication, co-ordination and practical improvement of village and city of Nepal. We are active in the key environmental areas of education and involvement (schools, local people, local businesses and hospital also interact with key government departments, other local volunteer groups, and related NGO organizations, all of whom can have a major beneficial impact on the local environment. Funding for our activities is sought via donation from benefactors, sponsorship from local, national and international businesses, and from government and international grant agencies and is exclusively directed towards the primary objectives of the group – improvement of the local environment and ecosystems and increasing educational awareness.


Eco Foundation Nepal have five member executive committee. The main job of executive committee to planning of project, coordination from advisory board and implemented the project. The  active member are :

1. Tularam Paudel
2. Bhim Bahadur waiba
3. Nawaraj Prasad Upadhaya
4. Sharmilla Niraoula
5. Tejasasana Thapa Bhandari


1. Sakundhara Jangam
2. Madan Prasad Upadhaya
3. Ambi Ratna Shakya
4. Gopal Prasad Dawadi


We will have combine member of national and International in advisory board. To achieve the goals and basic objectives of our non-profit organization and also guide for the success of our programs, EC0-FOUNDATION Nepal has an advisory board of renowned personalities from different discipline working nationally and internationally.
The Naming list of advisory board are :

1. Jan Helge Hoff – Advisor
2. Jhankar Vishwokarma- Member

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Address: Naxal-1, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 9841859888, 9851040370
Email: cleannepal88@gmail.com

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